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5 Types Of Women Who Aren’t In Relationships And Why February 23, 2015

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The woman who wants a relationship but just can’t find the right person to have one with

Call her picky, call her superficial, but the various titles you give to this girl don’t change the fact that she hasn’t found “the one.” Chances are she has come across the guy or girl who she so desperately wants a relationship to work with, but she just can’t make it happen. It might be a lack of “spark.” It might be a “just friends” type of vibe. Or maybe she is a superficial, picky bitch who only likes men with six packs. Whatever the reason is, sometimes if a girl hasn’t had many relationships, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like them or doesn’t want one. She just doesn’t like the prospective men or women she could have one with, or they don’t like her in return. Whether it is…

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คิดถึงบ้าน… March 6, 2011

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ไปกางเต้นท์นอนดูดาว ช่วยแม่ทำกับข้าวให้พ่อกิน
ถึงแม้ว่าจะย้ายบ้านบ่อยๆ จนไม่รู้ว่าบ้านจริงๆ อยู่ที่ไหน